Inan Batman is a graduate fashion designer and the Co-Founder of the brand 9N1M SENSE. He is the driving force behind the brand and shapes its unique look with his aesthetic vision. He also is the Creative Director of his own brand INAN, which was established in 2013 and has since then collaborated with big names such as adidas, Lee Jeans, Kangaroos, Alpha Industries and Eastpak. His sources of inspiration are the hip hop culture and the fast moving facets of street fashion. Besides being a designer, INAN is the founder of ARCHIVE Berlin, a Vintage and reseller store in Berlin and is a DJ for over 15 Years. On his musical journey he worked with artist like Beyoncé, Jay-Z or the legendary WUTANG-CLAN. Under the name of IAM he performs all around the world with his musical and creative companion Afshin Momadi.
Afshin Momadi is the creative director & the Co-Founder of the brand „9N1M SENSE“ He is a universal artist living between Berlin, Ibiza and Barcelona.He is deeply rooted in the fashion world and has been instrumental in the success of various streetwear & fashion brands. At a young age he started as an interior designer in Germany until he realised that his dream is to work in fashion. So shortly after he moved to Paris and started  working with brands like Pigalle and adidas, with which he has an ongoing partnership still today. Later on the high fashion designer - Boris Bidjan Saberi discovered his potential and got him to join his team in Barcelona back in 2014 where he continued learning till the end of 2018. Afshin also has a strong passion for music and is not only a fundamental part of the electronic music brand Afterlife but also a DJ himself. Under the name of „IAM“ he performs as a duo all around the world & is scheduled to release his first album called
„A Place Among the Star“
by the end of 2021.